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route a second chance at life. in charge of chicago's police force, under fire. judy weiss facing problems with his own officers. i'm mark suppelsa. >> i'm micah materre. >> reporter: tonight some chicago police officials gather to honor their fallen and injured colleagues. but tomorrow some police officers are planning to protest because they want the department's superintendent to step aside. a statue honoring chicago
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police officers who have been injured unveiled at the gold star families memorial. then the names of fallen officers were read aloud. the ceremony recognizing the -- sacrifices they made coming in the time of war of words with the internal fraternal ordered of police. reaching a boiling point when weiss has asked the union to give him ideas for proving working conditions. but he says the union has chosen not to work with him. >> i've wanted to lay down a record one time. get the facts out. >> reporter: not true says fop leaders. they posted this saying they saw the story about the letter on wgn tv.
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he says weis needs to take a cue from daley and resign. >> to get involved in discussions and most frequently they claimed toic that the recommendation. >> reporter: the fop is planning to protest tomorrow outside the headquarters. their message: morale is low among officers. they want increased man power on the streets and a new top cop. weis says he was hired to purge the department of a few corrupt cops. he says he's done that and has no plans to step aside. >> we done a lot of good things to help officer safety. >> i think it's time that we have someone in there that the ladies and gentlemen in the chicago police department can have faith and trust in. >> reporter: phil kline had this advice for both sides : >> they both got to learn to get along. i didn't always get along with the union, but we had a working agreement to make it work.
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you've got to do that. >> reporter: fop president mark donahue says he doesn't know how many officers are going to show up for tomorrow's protest, but he thinks the controversy over weis' letter may encourage some more people to participate. >> gaynor hall, thank you. a burnt copy of the koran found sunday outside a muslim community center. police now considering whether it was damaged intentionally in a hate crime. group of teens on their way to the center found the book on the sidewalk in front of the center at the 4300 block of north ellston. happened just days after a pastor in florida postponed his burning of the koran. 6:00 tonight, still light out when it happened. 23-year-old taken away in critical condition. 19-year-old in serious condition and that 12-year-old rushed to the children's
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hospital in stable condition. a predon explosion. takes a dog walker whose pet sniffed out something horrible. tom negovan has the latest. >> reporter: at the scene where the police activity has wrapped up for the most part. but police presence remained. the man killed was collin dalegro. a resident of madison, wisconsin prior to two months. still a mystery. new tonight, evanston police took evidence from the apartment of a man killed by a pipe bomb. giving the mystery man's computers a thorough going over. trying to unravel what led to the deadly blast and whether other devices might exist. >> this is obviously a very highly unusual situation.
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so i think that we should all be vigilant and paying attention. >> at first i thought it was a mannequin. i thought someone was pay playing a prank. >> reporter: it was this man whose dog found the body. >> a decapitated body. his legs were underneath his body. his right arm was up like this. and everything from the neck up was gone. >> reporter: police had been called because of an explosion. next to the body where other explosive materials were. neighbors were cleared out and the bomb squad was bought in to detonate the device. police say the man they have yet to identify was known to another police jurisdiction in the state but they won't say which one or why. they do say that while they believe there's no further threat, they're taking no chances. >> if the evanston police
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department, school district, aftercity officials think there could be a remote possibility, we ere on the side of caution. as it pertains right now, the investigation is ongoing. >> and the ongoing element of that investigation tonight the local police and fbi still looking at documents and computer files from collindale burrrow's apartment. they'll look at those throughout the evening on the matter of taking no chances. classes at nearby elementary were canceled today. >> tom negovan reporting. dwayne wade and his wife go toe to toe in a custody battle. now they're fighting to have sole custody of their sons in a chicago courtroom. today at the daley center, schavon wade refused the chances of a deal. she claims wade is too business is with his career to care
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about the kids. >> i have proven i have a great support system. my family is very active in my kids' lives. >> wade's lawyers questioned her about her aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and damaging property in 2001 when she was a student at northeastern illinois university. blame it on the ear buds? crime is up on the cta? >> how ladiers are are explaning the jump in the last four years. it feels like christmas. >> a mail carrier's amazing gift to somebody who used to be on her route. and the chicago area could see significant rain 24 hours from now. tom's here to sort it out.
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a teenager in rogers park is home tonight after being beaten and choked last night. all for an ipod and cash. dan ponce is live with that story. >> reporter: he was
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hospitalized for about 24 hours. what makes this more disturbing is it happened down the street from the rogers park elementary school and down the street from a chicago police surveillance camera. 16-year-old thomas insley gets home from school the same way every day. he walks along ashland avenue to his home in rogers park. he takes ashland and park because of an eye in the sky camera that helps keep watch over the neighborhood. last night before 6:00, a group of thugs jumped him from behind. they beat him in the face and choked him until he was unconscious. it all happened right down the street from the police camera. >> i like that he always took that route because i thought it was safer with the camera. when i asked him about it he said it didn't matter. >> reporter: his father is disappointed the camera failed to stop the attackers and hopes police step up patrols in the area. the boy was rushed to the
9:12 pm
hospital in evanston with a broken nose and loose teeth. his father says he'll be okay. >> he's doing really well. a lot less bruising than you expected. the swelling has gone way down. he has broken nose but it's minor. he hurts a lot. >> reporter: witness he was hit by three or four people. the attackers made off with $20 and an ipod. they insley family has lived here for 16 years. people we spoke to were also worried the cameras didn't stop anything. >> if they not catching anything, what's the purpose? what they there for? >> reporter: so far chicago police do not have any suspects in custody. but they will be reviewing surveillance footage from last night. there is a chance the suspects were captured on that camera. the father says his son will make a full recovery. the boy is home from the hospital tonight. >> he talked about how maybe
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the ipod was the target there. crime on cta and buses and trains rose 26% the last four years. a trend that's continuing. and it's the word that we're unaware when on trains because of the ear buds being in. crime up 12% even though the number of robbery rose little. cta says the increase in crime may be due to the fact we're less aware with the cell phones and i pods and not paying much attention. 16 million chase bank customers not happy tonight. they estimate yet they don't know when it'll be fixed. chase ceo is apologizing for the technology problems. they insist the personal information remain secure. they're urging people to bank at a branch or over the phone. no fees for any of those options. we have the phone number on our
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website out of iran and in the arms of her parents after more than a year in prison. >> one of three detained american hikers released but at what cost? she delivers the mail now she's delivered miracles. >> sure did. how a chicago mail carrier delivered a life-saving gift. later the chicago dog groomer who has a waiting list of more than 300 pets. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. the yoplait you can't get enough of. now in a four pack. hey, pete. yeah, it's me, big brother.
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an establishment republicans sent another strong message. this time in delaware. tea party christine o'donnell is the projected winner for the delaware republican senate nomination. she'll move on for a shot on winning the seat once occupied by joe biden. take on russ feingold. ron johnson appears to be the winner there. johnson says he'll spend millions of his own money to finance his campaign. charlie hengel leading. plagued with problems today. rengel has served in congress 40 years but is facing five challengers after he was accused of ethics violations wrong doing. it was a terror threat that emptied the eiffel tower. after a bomb threat phoned in.
9:18 pm
about 2500 people moved away from that surrounding area. paris authorities investigated but didn't find anything. a similar threat was made about the subway system. american sarah shourd flown to her mother after being jailed more than 15 months. she is released because she's said to have serious medical problems. a half million dollars in bail was paid for her release. to know if that was true is not known. >> i want to offer my thanks to everyone in the world. all of the governments. all of the people that have been involved. and especially i want to thank president ahmadinejad and the people for their gestures. >> she was hiking at the iran- iraq border when they were
9:19 pm
captured. iran insisting they were spies. just how far would you go to help out offend? you'd give your right arm, wouldn't you? >> what about a stranger? tonight julie unruh has the story of a postal worker to do something for a customer she barely knows. >> reporter: she's one tough lady. she's been delivering rain or shine since 2001. but beneath her weathered exterior, a big heart. she's making good on a promise even the recipient of her good deed can't believe. >> pinch me. i still can't believe it. you know? i just, i still can't believe that austringer would do this. >> reporter: that stranger is arlene hoffman a career postal worker and grandmother who's giving the gift of life on thursday. moving so fast up and down these blocks, she barely has
9:20 pm
time to greet her customers. but somewhere, somehow over the years connections have been made. last april at a local walmart, she bumped into an old customer she hadn't seen in seven years, a customer in need. jane was dying from kidney failure. she desperately needed a transplant. >> she asked if i ever got it i said no. she said let's make an appointment, i'll give you my kidney. i sat in the middle of walmart crying. >> reporter: for 12 years she was hoping for a match but no dice. here out of nowhere, hoffman knew she could make a difference. she acted on her instincts. at the time, hoffman didn't even know jane's last name. >> she needs it. i can't put it into words. she needs it. she deserves more than what she's been dealt.
9:21 pm
>> reporter: while she has considered her former post pal worker a friend, today she calls her an angel. >> she doesn't think it's any big deal to give her kidney. i guess if you're in my position, it's definitely an angel coming down and giving you a special gift. >> reporter: because she's been on borrowed time, and no veins left to tap, her gift lied in the most unexpected package. special delivery. >> i'm not a marshmallow. my dad raised me to be a tough woman. >> reporter: a tough woman with a huge heart and a kidney to spare even for a stranger. >> it kind of scared me in a way. because i've been sick for so many years. now the thought of being healthy is going to be a big change. a big change. but i won't let her down.
9:22 pm
i won't. >> reporter: now, there was one condition before she agreed to donate. she has to take care of it. the kidney she is actually giving will go to a different kidney transplant patient. they weren't a match. so they participated in a exchange program where eight people in all will be in the operating room on thursday four kidney donors, four recipients. all part of this procedure on thursday. >> that's wonderful. >> hopefully goes well. >> reporter: it's something they had to sort out over time. they bumped into each other in april. it's come together quickly. >> thank you. still to come: the company responsible for the oil leaks in romeoville getting the attention of the attorney general now.
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9:25 pm
attorney general lisa madigan may go after the company responsible for the leak in romeoville making prices of gas go up. they're asking her to pursue legal action against the enbridge company. the leak is now plugged. crews replaced the section of the pipeline today. enbridge's trouble doesn't end there. one of the pipelines in buffalo today also shut down due to a possible leak. >> that leak may be sealed but the cost are swelling. it ruined tens of thousands of dollars of the food donated to a facility. the pantry opened a temporary location near on access drive with funds from pipeline owner enbridge energy and will have normal hours thursday. the oil leak has already raised
9:26 pm
gas prices across the midwest. in tomorrow's chicago tribune, the new spiderman movie being billed as a reboot, not a remake. how they plan to cash in on the superhero series after grossing $2.5 billion worldwide for the last three. exercising could be bad for your health if it's inside a health club. all about the gym germs circulating out there especially those that cause skin infection. it's about to feel a whole lot like fall around here. >> ? tom skilling is in next and there's a day that may not make it to 70 this week. p0óh[úçpú=ú?ú÷o÷@çúhhl?÷hu0ñp÷÷ñ@0íú[
9:27 pm
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the chilliness is coming. >> a little bit. we've got winds off the lake but i don't think it's going to be terrible. >> good. >> we still have 49 days if history repeats itself to our last 70. >> only 80 to christmas. >> that's right. don't we wish. >> right. if you travel somewhere, it will be. >> 71 years ago we were in the middle of a heat wave. we had highs of 88, 89. >> no way. >> look at that. shows you what can happen around here. what a beautiful day today was. this afternoon, a northeast wind locked in and picked up and the temperatures went down. but it didn't keep the mariners
9:30 pm
on shore. they were out there. these clouds held. we've got a rain system coming at us that will brings more than cumulus clouds tomorrow night. in which we get showers and thunderstorms. not until after dark tomorrow. and tomorrow will not be all that bad a day. >> look at the range in temperatures and you'll see the effects of those winds in glencoe and waukegan where they came off the water. it's 66 with a northeast wind which has been gusting up to 8 miles per hour. there's a plot of the temperatures which are already down to the low 60s in some areas. it'll cool off. got a big autumn-like air mass. and these north easterly winds are bringing us the southern flank of that. though the heart of that cool
9:31 pm
air which has freeze warnings in the upper midwest will passes. look what's going on to the west, because this is coming our way. see the rain shafts in the distance? that's alliance, nebraska. boy, did it rain out there. the cloud tops out there up to 48,000 feet and here we are in texas. another area hit by thunderstorms today. as was victoria. good downpour right there. we had thunderstorms pass to the west of us. but the new ones are developing tonight. the storm prediction center saying the point where the hits this jet stream could prop storms. but not effect us. instead, down state areas may get in on those tomorrow. there's a fair amount of moisture. you'd never believe it stepping outside. these towering clouds that run from kansas into nebraska and south dakota and they're eastbound.
9:32 pm
so the moisture floods up here, the things poke up into the jet stream and then that pushes them eastward into our area. and they're riding right along this demarcation between autumn and summer. 94 today at jackson, mississippi. 84 at oklahoma, nebraska. while it was only 59 on the canadian border near international falls. look at the cool air in canada. the oscillation index, of cold air at it lowest level indicating the build up of cool air will be quite extensive. yet it appears the jet stream on the south side of that cool air mass, and you can the see 46 tonight at marquette. we'll share is the coolest air to the east of us. still we're not going to see any 80s for a little while. northeast winds at 7. humidity 47%. high vol of mold -- value of
9:33 pm
mold spores. his is a bit of a front sagging southward. so we'll have a reenforcement of that cool air. see how the clouds build up tomorrow. these will be down play the rainfall. suggests we get anywhere from a third to 9/10 of an inch of rain tomorrow night. it's bringing into the cool air draped in high pressure. you'll see the model developing these showers and storms that will go across here tomorrow night. the peak tomorrow night through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow night is the point where they'll be most concentrated. thursday it'll be all over. and it could produce severe weather out to the west of us. we'll talk more about the rebound of temperatures expected early next week.
9:34 pm
although we've had to trim the weekend temperatures some. especially because of the easterly wind that will blow in that area at that time. here's our forecast. low temperature 57 and east- northeast winds. actually a little stronger than that. probably 6-14 tonight. increasing cloudiness. breezy and cooler tomorrow. winds steady during the day 11- 23 and maybe a shower late in the day. a better chance of showers and storms coming in clusters tomorrow night. high tomorrow in the 70s. the actually range will be 70 at the shoreline, upper 70s in the suburbs. down in the low 60s tomorrow night. then high of 70 degrees thursday. beautiful then on friday. and we warm up a bit. >> sounds wonderful. >> we'll give you the details of the weekend coming up on the seven-day. >> thank you. do what i say, not as i do. the one bit of advice that
9:35 pm
doctors refuse to follow themselves. later he's the only master pet stylist in the city of chicago. and he counts oprah among his clients. and in sports with dave bennett. i said they need the sweep on this twins series but it would be nice. >> it would help. it's been a struggle. we'll have highlights and the bears suffered a season-ending injury to a key guy. we'll tell you who later in sports. >> see you in a few.
9:36 pm
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9:40 pm
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>> marcus leshock tells you the clients in this case are doggies. >> reporter: on her 25th season premiere, she announced she'd take her whole studio audience to australia. bill rafferty isn't going on that trip but he's been grooming her dogs for years. i thought i'd stop by his shop to see just what makes him so special. >> most kids wanted to be astronauts and baseball players. >> reporter: billy's creative side merged with his love of dogs. he became a professional pet stylist. >> you can take a dog that doesn't look ideal and with
9:44 pm
hair you can built the whole structure of the dog and make it look like it's supposed to. we'd be great if we could do it for us. build a waistline. >> reporter: it's more than just looking good. proper grooming can lead to better health for your dogs. >> i end up finding a lot of problems in dogs. such as tumors. every mart of the dog i feel and i feel for lumps, cuts. >> reporter: since opening in 2002, his client list has expanded to over 1000 people with a waiting list 300 deep. >> i don't write down names anymore because it's impossible. there are dog groomers off over chicago. why do they come to you? >> my reputation. i love my work. it's so important to me. >> reporter: in the two hours we spent in the shop, his own portuguese water dog.
9:45 pm
>> right now he's growing out from a lying cut which is the polar jacket. the goal is to make him even all the over. so i could look at zeke here and just start trimming. and it's a vision. this is art. >> reporter: there were labs, standard poodles, and : >> a mix. >> reporter: you don't say mutt? >> no. that's slang. >> reporter: he works 12 hours a day, six days a week grooming each of the dogs himself. billy says every dog is creating equal. >> you're working on somebody like oprah winfrey's dogs. is there better treatment to those dogs because it's oprah's dog? >> no, but you would think so. i treat everyone the same. in my eyes, the dog's the celebrity. >> reporter: marcus leshock, wgn news. >> those doggies just need
9:46 pm
kisses. >> and a sayser or two. tom skilling's got the seven-day forecast. >> i know billy and he's a nice guy. he really is. that's interesting. we got a lot to talk about tonight. we have some beautiful weather -- or have had it. but we've got rain on the way. and temperatures tonight are at 39 at international falls. there are frost and freeze warnings in northern minnesota, northern wisconsin, northern michigan. and the up of michigan, it's down to 62 at wheeling now. and thunderstorms are blazing out on the plains states. they could be in here as early as 9:00 tomorrow night. weather system karl was born in the western caribbean heading for the yucatan. and look at igor. now a cat 4 storm again with winds back up to 145 miles an hour. right behind it is julia. julia and igor may get into what was called a fujimora
9:47 pm
relationship where they go around each other and absorb one another. and julia will lose out to igor which seems to be barreling close to bermuda the next couple days. here's the forecast of air masses next ten days. see how we sit astride that big thermal contrast zone with the hot air to the south of us. that's an area where you get a lot of precipitation. we have big rain numbers over the next two weeks. but they come in distinct pockets. it won't rain all the time. tomorrow will be largely dry. but an east wind will blow coming off the water. 73 at o'hare. as warm at the mid and upper 70s in the suburbs. 70 thursday. rain's over by then. and gorgeous on friday, nice on saturday. maybe a morning shower on a weak front. that's not a sure thing.
9:48 pm
and sunday looks nice. easterly winds kick in. we'll come back and revisit that tomorrow. >> thanks, tom. tonight's photos of the day segment. a closeup day at what happened around town today. ♪[ music ] ♪
9:49 pm
>> and you can see more photos on our website six games back, three chances to narrow that gap. next in sports, update game one between the sox and twins here on the south side as they fight for the playoff live. and college football history is made but not in a good way. details coming up.
9:50 pm
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twins come to town for the series of the year. >> series of the year. not going real well at the moment. >> to say the least. >> not at all. the minnesota twins can't clinch the al central during their three-game series that started tonight. from a practical standpoint, nothing short of a sweep will do for the sox if they hope to
9:53 pm
catch the twins in the season's final 19 games. you don't have to tell jim tome what's at stake against his former team. bases loaded, nobody out for pierzynski. the twins will during a double play. a runner does score. but the sox have a 3-2 lead but not for long. here come the twins back with two rounds in the 7th. minnesota goes back in front 4- 3. bottom of the 7th, base loaded. the big guns coming up. but konerko strikes out. and will end the threat. twins broke it open in the 8th. they lead it now 9-3. the cubs and the fans having some late season fun at the expense of the cardinals. randy wells trying to finish strong.
9:54 pm
a single off wainwright. it's xavier nady. the cubs win it 7-23 and go for the sweep of the cardinals tomorrow night. it's early but so far the bears have been able to steer clear of season-ending injuries until now. hillenmeyer done for the year. and the nfl's new emphasis on the proper treatment for con suggestion cushion -- concussions. he missed the next one. and the bears made the announcemented, general manager calling player health and safety a priority. he admitted to mixed emotion. i respect the decision to place me on ir.
9:55 pm
while this is probably in my best interest, it's hard to accept the fact my season a over. the bears aren't the only season to get one. packers player done for the year. he's been a top ten rusher in three years. also done for the year. defensive tackle chris jenkins. it seemed inevitable, to add to the rush. their new head coach replacing bob who left to go to a philadelphia. here we go reggie bush deciding to give up the heisman try few under a lot of pressure. bush involved in a scandal at usc. and under increasing pressure as they were in hot water overthe ncaa. the first heisman winner to forfeit the award in its history. now we jump ahead to the chicago rush lost their only coach in history.
9:56 pm
they turn to bob mcmillen. mcmillen helped lead the rush to a championship late in his career. he'll try to do it again as coach. >> what the rush means to me is success. they've not missed a playoff game. i've been in this league for 15 years and have never missed playoffs. >> he embodies everything the city is about. i think this team will be molded into his image and people all right butt their chin straps on when they play the chicago rush. and the 2011 major league baseball season will start on thursday march 31. the cubs and sox will both open the next day. the sox at cleveland, the cubs hosting pittsburgh. the cubs will also host the yankees next season at wrigley and make their first trip to fenway park since the 1918 world series. >> good luck for them, huh? >> maybe that'll snap snow
9:57 pm
curse. >> maybe. >> thanks, dave. that's the news this tuesday night. i'm micah materre. >> and i'm mark suppelsa. for all of us, have a good night. this is it, the final days of our summer sales event and your last chance to save. i'm angie everhart, and i lost 34 pounds on nutrisystem. if you've been thinking of starting nutrisystem, there won't be a better time this year. this is your last chance to get our gourmet select line at our lowest price for the rest of the year. i'm marie osmond, and i lost 50 pounds on nutrisystem.
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